The BabyDiva Bio


Deyanta Turasheiva Jones, known as Chick and The Baby Diva has travelled a long journey to pursue her musical aspirations. Born on May 27th 1984 to Melba D. Wannamaker-Jones and Perry Jones, she grew up in a trailer in Pacolet South Carolina. Jones’ parents separated early in her life and her brother Darren Wannamker had to get a job to assist their mother in raising her. Throughout her childhood, Jones participated in many activities that fostered her love of music, which started at age three, when her mother taught her how to sing. She participated in pageants at what is known as “The Old School House” in Pacolet (now a historical landmark in Spartanburg County) as well as sang in her church choir.
In 1991, Melba D. Wannamaker-Jones passed from a brain tumour and lung cancer; her final request to Jones’ brother being “raise my baby til she get eighteen, then let her go”, which he did. Following their mother’s passing, Jones and her brother lived with their grandfather and cousins in at times, destitute conditions. THere were times when they had no running water and meals consisted of bologna sandwiches and T.V. dinners. After two years, she went to live with her maternal cousin Hazel Norris, where she “learned how to live as a young woman and anything pertaining to womanhood” as well as grew up around other children. In school, her favourite class was music, fondly remembering her teacher Mrs Ethington at Pacolet Elementary School.
The following year, in 1994, Jones moved back with her brother. Her grandfather, Deacon Bobby Palmer was a prominent figure in ensuring she did well in school, and showing her that she could achieve anything once she was determined. This year was a pivotal moment in Jones’ life, as she witnessed her father on drugs and made the conscious decision to never experience the same struggle.  Following this, in 1995, she joined the choir at Montgomery Chapel Baptist Church and was baptised at age twelve.
In 1996, Jones entered Middle School of Pacolet and music became a stronger presence in her life, joining the school’s chorus and band, being advised by her teacher Mrs. Gayle High and earning a standing ovation during her first solo with her church choir. This led her to believe that she could become someone bigger than her imagination could fathom.  The next four years saw Jones’ musical and performance potential develop, starting with her attending a Y.O.U. (Young Opportunities Unlimited) program at Limestone College in 1998; winning the talent show at the end of the eight week training program, singing ‘His Eye is on The Sparrow’. In 1999, she began attending Getty's D. Broome High School, where she was asked to sing a duet of the National Anthem for a basketball game at Limestone College. Jones also began composing her own music and recording in private studios. The following year, she improved her performance skills through drama class and continued to receive more performance opportunities.
In 2002, Jones graduated high school and while pursuing her musical aspirations, she became involved in selling drugs, learning to cook crack cocaine from her father the previous year. She sold marijuana, crack cocaine and various other drugs to support her. At the same time, she also began recording with the professionals such as  Billy Busthead, Harry "Tweety" Hamilton, Blind Fury, Ka$ino Roulette of Grustle Gang and Bricks of Chester. In 2004, she obtained a writer’s membership to the American Society for Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).
In 2008, after struggling as a musician, doing a stint in the United States Navy and changing her life for the better, while in the Navy, Jones decided to start her own record label  and entertainment company, Sowf Khack Recordz/ Turasheiva Entertainment; providing a variety of consumer goods as well as managing and producing her own music. That same year, Jones’ homes in South Carolina were burned down by Delante Owens, of Pacolet, SC; and she lost everything. The police department didn't do anything about it. Yet through adversity, she persevered with her faith in God. She recorded music in New York City then moved to Detroit, Michigan where she continued to record music while working a full time job.
In 2012, Jones decided to earn a degree from Macomb Community College, majoring in Entrepreneurship & Small Business. The skills she learnt, she began to apply to her own music business, such as acquiring funding for producing her music and promotional items. The following year, her grandfather passed, which inspired her to work harder after his final words to her were to "never give up, yo never know when you might get that call sayin meet me at such'n place at such'n time." She released a mixtape, “Gotta Stay On My Feet Vol.I" on, which was met with praise from The Director of A&R at Atlantic Records. 
Currently, Jones is still composing material and is pursuing music full time, inspired by the passing of her cousin Terwayne "Stick" Wannamaker. She has collaborated with several mainstream artists and currently records with The Disc Ltd, in Michigan, the owner of Broke Hustlerz (Stoz), in Detroit, Michigan, As well as releasing her work online and sings open mic in Detroit. The BabyDiva describes herself as the  ‘ONE WOMAN ARMY’. Influenced by her past experiences, she is resilient and determined to achieve independent success.